About ABT5

My life was crazy. I just had a baby. (Ok, the baby was about to turn one, but that’s still considered “just”, isn’t it?!) Balancing new motherhood with running my own business and managing my household and blended family was pushing me to my breaking point. So, I did want any sane person would do…

I started a new professional side project…from scratch…by myself.

Yeah, I’m that chick. (Virgo Type A with a mischievous creative streak.)

For more about where I’m coming from, check out the About Victoria page.

Let’s dive into A Bride’s Top Fives (ABT5).

This isn’t your mother’s wedding planning guide. This isn’t even your older sister’s wedding planning blog. THIS PAGE is about you, your wedding, and drowning out all that wedding white noise on your social media feeds, online searches, and in your mind.

We are reclaiming simplicity in the wedding planning processes.

You don’t need to read another basic blog post on wedding dress styles, you need to read about how to shop for your wedding dress when you’re not happy with how your body looks. You don’t need another rundown of which flowers are in season, you need to read about the best way to communicate and work with your florist.

Before the whirlwind of Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy, and other online “tools”, planning a wedding was a pretty simple process (relatively speaking). For better or worse, most weddings were pretty similar, with just some minor differences in colors and styles. With limited options and firm expectations from parents/family, the planning process was pretty straightforward.

Enter the digital age. Enter social media. Enter the weddings of rebellious Gen Xers and individualist Millennials.

And here we are.

The fantastic part about having instant access to all of this wedding inspiration (whether it’s offbeat, on trend, or just everything you’ve ever wanted in a wedding), is that couples are so free and excited to plan a wedding that truly speaks to them and their relationship.

The not so fantastic part? Information overload, unrealistic expectations, and decision fatigue (to name a few).

Overwhelmed isn’t a strong enough word for what most of my clients feel while planning their wedding. Even with the help of a professional planner, the complete onslaught of options, ideas, and standards they’re exposed to (by choice or not) is enough to send anyone’s priorities into a tailspin.

Ok, I’ve made my point, so what am I trying to accomplish here?

I want to help you tune out the white noise of wedding planning. I want to help you stay true to what’s important to you instead of getting tunnel vision about details you won’t actually care about in the long run.

I want to keep creativity and individuality high, while keeping expectations realistic. I want you to feel confident when saying “yes” to certain things and “no” to others. I want to provide the best, most succinct information for every part of wedding planning, especially the less-than-stellar parts on one really wants to talk about.

I want to keep your wedding planning mindset simple, so you can forgo the white noise and truly enjoy this time in your life!

So that’s what I’m going to do. Stick around for the ride!